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We refer to our correspondence and updates to members in December 2018 and January 2019 expressing our strong opposition to aspects of the PPN Manual, with particular reference to  linking Authenticate IT with the professional fee and balance billing being outlawed, incorrectly referring to the Medical Schemes Act and HPCSA Ethical Rules as substantiation, amongst other concerns. We regarded the manipulation of the professional fee to serve as a disincentive for non-participation in the Authenticate IT system as ethically undesirable.


The SAOA embarked on a campaign which included legal counsel and advice, direct engagement with PPN, continuous interaction with optometrists, engagement with medical schemes and administrators, complaints sent to the HPCSA and Council for Medical Schemes, amongst other interventions. We did request that PPN put the manual on hold  until issues raised could be resolved but we were informed that this would not be possible as PPN were already contractually bound to participating medical schemes.   


It is thus pleasing to note that PPN have now amended their policies which no longer includes a differential consultation fee and allows balance billing, as per the PPN communique sent to optometrists yesterday. To read the PPN notice click here.


The efforts of optometrists, individually and collectively to apply pressure on PPN to review their approach also needs to be acknowledged. Indeed, there are other aspects of the PPN Manual that still need to be addressed and we will continue to engage with the relevant stakeholders in this regard.


Should there be any queries or additional information required, you are welcome to contact Lucky Nkosi on 074 243 4261 or Harry Rosen on 084 482 4517 at any time.


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